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Numbertime 11-20 

This software package provides practice with the often neglected numbers 11-20. There are 6 games which practice ordering the numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, place value and counting in steps. Each game has two levels - normal and challenge - and several have a number line visible on screen.


Plus Points
  • concentrates on numbers which children often find difficult 
  • spoken instructions - no reading skill required.
  • bright, simple graphics
  • verbal and visual reward for a right answer (character jumps up and down)
Minus Points 
  • Children may become bored if asked to play the same game too many times in succession.
  • The counting in steps game offers little incentive for children to get it right so they are likely to guess. 

Overall impression
A fairly well thought out piece of software which tackles an area of maths which is often neglected. Useful to give extra practice to children who lack confidence and skill with the numbers 11-20. Suitable for children with special needs. 

Windows 3.11 and 95/98, Acorn, Apple Mac and Power Mac

Made by BBC/Logotron

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