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Number Jigsaws
These excellent jigsaws are designed by an ex-maths teacher and it shows. Each one is well thought out, sturdy and useful.

The Number Ladder Price 6.95
This gives practice in ordering the numbers from 1 to 20. It can be made up as one long ladder or two short ones side by side - one from 1-10 and the other from 11-20. The latter technique helps show the relationship betwen 1 and 11, 2 and 12, etc and the numbers are colour coded to reinforce this. This well thought out jigsaw is one of the few items I have found which deal with the teen numbers and is very useful with young children and with older ones with special needs.  

The Hundred Square
Price 19.95
A hundred square is a common enough piece of equipment in the classroom these days but this one is different because it's a jigsaw. Each number is on a separate piece and they can only be fitted together in the correct way. The jigsaw fits into a tray which makes it easy to move while partly finished and there is a poster of the finished puzzle which fits inside the tray for children who find it hard to place the pieces correctly. This is a good way of helping children learn the order and pattern of the numbers up to 100. Good for a group activity and useful for older children who find maths difficult.

Multiplication Tables       

8.95 for one
65.00 for a set 

There is a different jigsaw for each of the tables and each one fits into its own tray. All the questions (eg 3x2) and answers (eg =6) are on individual pieces so children have to order the questions as well as answering them. Useful for children learning their tables who already understand what multiplication means.

For more information and ordering

Lakeland Educational
Casterton Grange Cottage, Casterton, 
Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria LA6 2LD

Tel: 015242 72004


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