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Telling the Time

cover picMy Grandmother’s Clock
by Geraldine McCaughrean, illustrated by Stephen Lambert
A granddaughter’s suggestion that the grandfather clock should be mended prompts her grandmother into an amazing exposition of the nature of time. Grandma looks beyond the confines of the clock case and uses all her senses to experience time in the sights, sounds and smells of the wider world and the universe. Though her talk is of seconds, minutes, days, weeks…seasons, years, centuries and the cosmos, the impression one gets is that she very much lives in the here and now, savouring each and every moment.
A very profound book brimming over with possibilities for discussions of a philosophical and spiritual nature. The author’s outstandingly well-crafted text is a joy to read: Stephen Lambert’s paintings are bold yet soft and suffused with mellow, misty, dappled colours. Together they create images that resonate long after the book has been put down.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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cover picExplorers on Safari
by Sally Hewitt and Serena Feneziani
(Belitha Press)
A group of fairly incompetent explorers search from dawn to dusk to find a gorilla who's actually following them the whole time. The full page pictures are packed with detail to talk about as well as built in maths activities involving the language of time and telling the time with digital and analogue clocks. Only deals with whole hours.
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cover picTick Tock
by Eileen Browne and David Parkins
(Walker Books)
When Skip Squirrel breaks his mother's cuckoo clock, he has to rush to get it mended before she comes home. A delightful story which reads aloud well and builds to a wonderfully funny final twist. The illustrations add to the humour and include plenty of clocks to show the time ticking past to Mum's return at 4 o'clock.
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cover pic Just in Time by Kathryn Cave and Terry McKenna
(Frances Lincoln)
This follows a young boy getting up in the morning and trying to get to school on time despite lost shoes, a broken down car and a shower of rain. It starts at 8am and each new double page spread moves the time on 5 minutes until he arrives at school at 9am. The text is in rhyme, the illustrations are funny and there's both an analogue and a digital clock on each spread so children can practise telling the time.
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