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A Parent's Guide to Helping with Maths

by Diana Kimpton

I wrote this book because I wanted to help children who find maths difficult - the ones who hate numbers and dread being asked to do sums. Left to themselves, they are doomed to slip further and further behind as they go through school but with the right help, they can lose their fear of numbers, fill in the gaps in their knowledge and start learning again. 

I've used my experience as a teacher, a mathematician and a mother to break each topic into small, easily understood stages - a process which took a great deal of thought and which trainee teachers may find useful. There are practical ideas on explaining each stage, guidelines on thinking up questions and ideas on building mental skill with numbers. Using this method, children can learn at their own speed and succeed from the very first session so they gain confidence as well as skill. 

I've aimed the ideas at parents of children of 8 and over who are struggling with  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also be used with younger children although, as this book predates the numeracy strategy,  this may result in them meeting pencil and paper calculations earlier than currently recommended.   

Sadly the English language edition is now out of print but you may be able to find a copy in your local library. The Chinese edition is still available and the French one should be out soon. 

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