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Books by Emily Smith

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews. 
For more information and ordering details for each book, follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page at 

Young Corgis

(Age range about 6-10)

Astrid the Au Pair from Outer Space 1999
When Harry's mum says they're getting an 'au pair' from another country, he's not quite sure what to expect. When Astrid, who lives on a planet 500 light years away, decides to work as an 'au pair' on Earth, she's not quite sure what to expect…
A hilarious story of family fun! Audiotape also available

The Shrimp 2001
"A project? But we never do homework in the holidays?"
Ben's new teacher has set…yes, school work in the summer holidays! Everyone in the class is horrified at first, but then they find that the projects are going to be judged by a famous TV wildlife presenter, it doesn't seem so bad. And shy Ben has a very special idea for his project… Audiotape also available

Annie and The Aliens 2002
(Hardback also published by Andersen Press 2001)
Secrets can be fun. But what if someone keeps a secret from you? Annie Brown doesn't like it at all. When her brothers and their friend Arthur gang up on her, Annie is determined to find out their secret. This leads to surprises-for everyone! Not to mention strange out-of-this-word happenings. What is going on? Read this funny heart-warming book to find out…

Robomum  2003
James's mum is a brilliant scientist, but James wishes she was better at the ordinary things in life, like making sure his PE kit is clean, and there is something for tea. Then suddenly Mum has a brilliant idea. Surely a robotic mother--a Robomum--is just what they both need? 

Patrick the Party-Hater  2004
Patrick hates parties. But his mum is convinced that going to parties is good for him. She even wants him to have one of his own. Surely there is a better idea? 

Joe v The Fairies 2005
His sisters are obsessed with fairies--and Joe is fed up. Then a new neighbour arrives, who loves climbing trees and messing about in the pond--and has some other useful talents too...


Orchard Books

(Age range 9-plus)

What Howls at the Moon in Frilly Knickers? 2001
"Let's write a joke book!" It was just one of those ideas that took off. Julian and his friends thought writing a joke book would be easy. But hundreds of corny groan-out-loud jokes later, they're not so sure…
This hilarious and touching story is guaranteed to have you howling with laughter…

When Mum Threw out The Telly 2003
Jeff really liked television. It was so much more interesting than life. Cartoons were more exciting than life. Sit-coms were funnier than life. Sometimes at night Jeff even dreamed television. Mum complained, but it didn’t make much difference. Jeff didn’t take any notice of her. Which was a mistake…

The Stain on the Stone 2006
Bicycles are being stolen all over Oxford and when Jack Young's brand new bike is stolen, he is determined to catch the thief. But then another mystery develops--who is writing sinister messages on the walls of the college? Now Jack has two mysteries to solve...


Harper Collins Educational

The Good Manners Prize 1996

When Eddie, Miranda and Jeremy's mum decide to give a prize to the one who can most improve their manners, the whole family starts to compete-with disastrous but hilarious results!

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