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Books by Enid Richemont  
These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
For more information and ordering details for each book, follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page at 

Gemma and the Beetle People   6-8 yrs 
(Walker Books)  
Six year old Gemma has a surprise encounter with some very small (and very mischievous) aliens ..

Jamie and the Whippersnapper 6-8 yrs
(Red Fox)
A strange creature which hatches out of an exploding egg becomes Jamie's best friend.

Kachunka!  7-9 yrs
(Walker Books)
Dinosaurs that appear to be real, a wonderful shining plant and a blue-haired cosmic dinner lady with an affinity for cats transform the lives of Thomas and his mum.

The Magic Skateboard   7 -9 yrs
Walker Books
 A mysterious old lady casts an amazing spell on Danny's skateboard.

The Dream Dog 8-11 yrs
Walker Books
A small mongrel pining for his dead mistress magically reaches out to a small boy who desperately wants a dog.

The Glass Bird   8-1 1 yrs
(Walker Books)
A lonely Quaker boy, coping with the twin problems of acquiring friends and a background of strict non-violence, encounters a strange and glittering bird.

The Stone that Grew 8-1 1 yrs
(Walker Books)
Still clinging to romanticised memories of her absent father, Katie is not entirely happy about Mum's new partner, Chris, or his son, Jake - her new little brother. One day, while helping Chris clear out the loft, she finds a mysterious box containing two stones ...

The Enchanted village 9-12+ yrs
(Walker Books)
Incensed by some minor excavations, a group of classical gods takes over a Cornish village fete, and using the dubious 'gift' of a golden apple, involve Piers in a sinister plot.

The Time Tree  9-12+ yrs
(Walker Books)
The tree is a secret meeting place for three girls, but one of them, Anne, who is completely deaf, was born over four hundred years ago in Elizabethan England. Slowly, Rachel and Joanna build up an extraordinary friendship with this very unusual ghost.

Twice Times Danger   9-12+ yrs
(Walker Books)
Set in Cornwall. When Daisie and her best friend, Beeca, encounter Perdita, a stylish visitor who could be Daisie's double, the situation quickly turns into an amusing game, and Becca is hurt because she's left out. Then Daisie disappears ...

The Game 11+ yrs
(Walker Books)
A terrifying futuristic fantasy involving the ancient Greek Furies and a brainwashed population. Remembering the past is classified as a disease, for which Lucy Four has already been 'treated'. If the 'treatment' doesn't work this time, it could mean Disposal.

My Mother's Daughter  11+ yrs
(Red Fox)
After a row with her mum, London-based Cealie walks out. After staying overnight with some friends in a squat, she accepts a lift to Wales. Maybe she'll find a job, move in with someone -who knows? In the meantime, she decides to pay a surprise visit to an ancient great-aunt who lives in a mountain village ...

To Summon a spirit  11+ yrs
(Walker Books)
Based on the idea of parallel universes, this is the tale of a long ago murder, a mixed race teenage girl whose parents are breaking up, a vile landlord, and a friendship which demands the ultimate price.

Wolfsong 11+ yrs
(Walker Books)
Set in the deep countryside just south of Brittany, this is a story about an ancient family house and its dark, erotic secrets.

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