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Books by Stephen Potts

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews
Hunting Gumnor
Egmont 1999
A sea adventure story: Rarty and Lionel search for their mysterious sea-beast. Part of The Running Tide, a loosely connected trilogy.
Ages 10-12.
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Tommy Trouble
Egmont 2000
A short book with illustrations. Tommy has trouble with reading, but defending the War Memorial against the vandals wins him friendship and hope.
Ages 8-10
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Compass Murphy
Egmont 2001
Another part of The Running Tide. Joshua Murphy stows away on a whaling ship, and braves all the dangers of the Arctic in search of his father.
Ages 10-12.
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(The Ship Thief, when it comes out, will complete The Running Tide trilogy)

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