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Books and Plays by Kjartan Poskitt

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews. 
Books available through are indicated by the small red book logo. You can follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page to find more information or to order.

Murderous Maths   Ages 7-12  
A selection of maths bits including The Invention of Nothing, The Hard Boys of Maths, Magic Squares, Short Cuts and the Riddle of Urgum The Axeman

More Murderous Maths        Ages 7-12
Another maths selection including Dominoes, Mirror Numbers, How to be Famous for Ever and why the great Pythagoras had someone murdered.

The Essential Arithmetricks   Ages 7-12
It starts with how to count, and by the end you'll be able to throw away your calculator. Featuring the mad gangsters, Pongo McWhiffy and the rudest joke ever to appear in a maths book.

The Mean and Vulgar Bits Ages 7-12
Averages, decimals and really vulgar fractions  
Desperate Measures Ages 7-12
Everything you need to know about measurement plus how to weigh an elephant 
The Gobsmacking Galaxy  Ages 8-12
Everything you need to know about what's in the night sky, how it got there, how to get there, what you'll find if you DO get there and how to become younger than your children.

Newton and his Apple  Ages 10-16
Isaac Newton discovered gravity - but what a strange bloke! He shoved sticks in his eyeballs, almost got executed, nearly killed himself with lethal experiments, and hung lots of criminals. You get all the gory details and tons of groovy science stuff to make you dead clever.

 no knowledge required - just deadly sharp brains! Ages 8-12. (Although many older people try and fail....)

HENRY THE TUDOR DUDE                                
Suitable for any age group. A musical play for a large cast.
Henry VIII comes to the throne as a popular teenager. Less then 40 years later he dies having fought most of Europe, executed anyone he hates, married six times and changed the whole of religion as we know it. "Your body will rock and your head will roll..."   

Not really suitable for under 12's. A musical play for a large cast.
Welcome to Catesby's Cabaret club with your outrageous hostess Miss Catherine Wheel. But what are they all whispering about? Who gets walled up alive? What happens to 36 barrels of gunpowder and what's so strange about The Quiet Guy?       

THE RUMPELSTILTSKIN RACKET                            
An ideal family show   
A musical play for a cast of 12+
The hacks of The Daily Slur are onto a big story - can the fairground star Miranda really spin straw to gold or will she fall victim to the dreaded Madame Inquisitor? It's all a game to the ghastly manikin with no name. 

A spooky pantomime for all the family  
A musical play for a cast of 10+
When Sammy and his inventor dad move into the new house, nobody believes the ghostly goings on. What is the evil housekeeper Miss Nettle doing out at midnight, why has the house never had children in it before and who gets turned into a scarecrow? 
Winner of 2 awards for "Best Production" and "Best Family Show"

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