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Books by Ann Pilling  
These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
For more information and ordering details for each book, follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page at 

Books For Younger Readers  
The Donkey's Day out

Dustbin Charlie
Dustbin Charlie Cleans Up
The Beast in the Basement
No Guns, No Oranges
The Baked Bean Kids

Collections for Younger Readers
The Kingfisher Children's Bible
Who Laid the Cornerstone of the World?
Why Bear has a stumpy tail and Other Creation Stories

Ghost Novels (10 upwards)
The Beggar's Curse
The Witch of Lagg
Black Harvest     
Black Harvest (play version with Nigel Gray)
The Empty Frame

Contemporary Novels (10 upwards)
The Year of the Worm
Henry's Leg
Our Kid
Amber's Secret
Something to Do With Love

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