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Books by Linda Newbery

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
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The Nowhere Girl
for teenagers, Scholastic Press 0-439-01119-1
Seventeen-year-old Cass, half-English and half-French, has gone to live and work in Normandy to get away from problems at home - but finds herself haunted by the German occupation of the village.

for teenagers, Scholastic Press 0-439-01175-2
"Depressed after the death of her unborn baby, Charlie's mother leaves her home, job and young lover and moves to a quiet village to make a fresh start. The change is not easy for Charlie, who resents her mother's apparent self-absorption and lack of feeling for her faithful and considerate lover. Narrative viewpoint is skilfully handled … a compassionate story with rare insight and moments of startling poignancy." Books for Keeps

From e to you
Linda Newbery and Chris d'Lacey, for readers of about 11+ Scholastic Press 0-439-01301-1
Written both in and by email, this book tells the story of Annabelle (written by Chris d'Lacey) and Guy (written by Linda Newbery). At first disliking each other, they become close as they try to unravel the secrets of their parents' pasts.

Blitz Boys
for readers of about 10+, A & C Black 0-7136-5421-X hb
In London during wartime, bombed-out houses are dangerous places to play. Ronnie, truanting from his lessons, meets another boy, Dusty. Where does Dusty come from, and why is he living alone among the ruins?

Whistling Jack
for readers of about 6+, Harper Collins Red Storybook
Roger loves his life on the narrow-boat Whistling Jack - but he is terrified of tunnels. When he gets separated from his boat, he has to face his biggest fear.

Ice Cat
for readers of about 7+, Scholastic Press 0-439-01171-X
One day Tom builds a snowman. Then beneath his hands the snowman turns into a snow cat - a frightening animal with glittering eyes, cold and icy and ready to pounce …

Star's Turn
for readers of about 5+, Transworld, Young Corgi Pups 0-552-54655-0
Star, a donkey, shares a paddock with a beautiful pony called Moon. Moon is always winning prizes and trophies at shows - but will it ever be Star's turn?

The Damage Done
for readers of about 13+, Scholastic Press, 0-439-99799-2
Lying, for Kirsty, has become a habit. Lying to her best friends; lying to her family; pretending she has a social life when all she wants is to be alone. But sometimes, being alone is the problem - when she wakes up in the middle of the night, terrified by her nightmares. And now there's something else for her to worry about. Someone's been hanging around the village, looking shifty. Kirsty has seen him around, but she doesn't know who he is or what he wants ...

The Little Mermaid
for readers of about 6 plus, Scholastic 0-439-99758-5
A retelling of the classic story by Hans Christian Anderson, published in the popular Everystory series.

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