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Books by Tessa Krailing

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
For more information and ordering details for each book, follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page at 

Alberta the Abominable Snowthing
Felix can't wait to open his birthday present. He's expecting a real totem-pole from his father, who works in Canada. But when Felix opens the padded crate, he can't believe his eyes. Inside he finds a small, white furry Abominable Snowthing called Alberta!

Trouble for Alberta  

Ages 6-9

Alberta the Abominable Snowthing  is hungry. She is now living in 3b King's Villas, Cuttleworth, miles from her Arctic home and she longs for some fish to eat - real slippery, silvery fish, fresh from the sea. But when Alberta goes out to look for some, the trouble begins!
The Case of the Smiling Shark   

Ages 6-9 easy reading

Ages 6-9 easy reading

 Both these stories are about Foxy and Co - Daniel (Foxy), Jamal, Wesley and Marietta - who like solving mysteries, especially when they concern a shark that smiles and a pair of trousers that talk.
The Green Hand   

Ages 6-9

A ghost story about a school haunted by a mysterious green hand that writes rude things on the blackboard and gets the children into trouble. 

Ages 8-10

A ghost story, set on the Isle of Wight, about a family who stay in a holiday cottage which turns out to be haunted.

Ages 8-11

Rose has a planet-sized problem on her hands when Dad goes missing and Mum thinks he has gone to Venus

Petsitters Ages 7-10
All the stories are about the Petsitters Club, a group of children who look after other people's animals - an activity which often lands them in big trouble.

My First Puppy  Ages 6-9
My First Kitten Ages 6-9
My First Pony Ages 6-9
Three books that tell a story but also aim to convey information about how to look after your first pet.

Wellington Square
A reading scheme for children with special needs for which Tessa created the original concept and over fifty stories.

How to write for children
A practical guide on how to write for children of all ages from the under sevens to young adults. It contains advice on getting started, characterisation, dialogue, viewpoint, structure and presentation.

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