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Books by Diana Kimpton

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
For more information and ordering details for each book, click the title hyperlink beside the red book icon for the appropriate page at 

Picture book for  ages 3-6

The bear knows Madeline is waiting for him so, when Father Christmas forgets to deliver him, he sets off to deliver himself. 

Picture book for ages 3-6

It's cold and wet and getting  late. Before it gets dark, the cat must find a good place for her kittens to be born.    

Ages 8 - 12+ 

Hospital is a different world, full of new experiences and long words. This book will guide children through their stay, explain what's happening and give them plenty of ideas to keep them busy and jokes to keep them laughing

Horse Stories that Really Happened

Ages 7-12+ 

Six dramatised true horse stories including a daring rescue, an amazing race and a wild foal's battle for survival.

Pets (Rigby, ISBN 0602280850) Ages 7-9 
Pet keeping advice for older, struggling readers. (reading age 6-6.5)

Puppets on Screen (Rigby ISBN 0602281016) Ages 9-11 
How puppets are used in films and TV. Combines simple sentences, lots of repetition and stunning photographs. (reading age 7.5-8)

Don't Panic (Rigby ISBN 060228175) Ages 9-11 
Do your feet smell? Can't your sleep? Has the gerbil eaten your tee-shirt. Don't panic. This book offers solutions to a whole range of problems. 
(reading age 8-8.5)

Sounds (Ginn ISBN 0602300983)


A non-fiction guided reader about sound for Key Stage 1
The Clay Dog (Ginn ISBN 060230086X)


Long ago in Roman times, a little girl loses a clay dog called Marcus. He lies under the ground for hundreds of years before he is found and, while he waits, many things happen above him without his knowing.

Books for adults
A Parents Guide to Helping with Maths
Ideas and advice for parents whose children find maths difficult.

A Special Child in the Family
A book for all parents of sick or disabled children. It's about feelings and how to cope with them, help and where to find it and the great taboos that no one talks about, like death and failing to cope. Currently out of print but still available in libraries.

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