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Books by Elizabeth Hawkins

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
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by E.B.Hawkins, (please note change in name!)
ISBN: 0689837550
St. David's is holding its first ever disco, but when none of the girls want to come cancellation threatens. Now it's a matter honour to win the girls round and save the disco, but will Matthew and his mates be able to turn this disco disaster in grooving greatness?
A story of the agonies of being a boy of twelve who can't dance, hasn't a clue what to wear and who feels crushed by end of term tests and parental expectations.
Age range 9-12

ISBN 1 870516 40 0
Picture book for nursery and first year infants.
It's going home time and all the children are leaving. Except Jerome.
"Where's your Mum, Jerome?" asks Mrs. Stuart.
Jerome doesn't know.
Mum is only five minutes late, but to Jerome, it seems like ages and he has all sorts of wild fantasies about what has happened to her. Has she been squashed by an elephant?

ISBN 0 09 940132 0
Henry's aunts always send the most unusual birthday presents but even Henry is puzzled by their latest gifts - a tiny key and a ticket which lets him visit the zoo as often as he likes. Using his new presents, Henry begins to have adventures and make friends - some are furry, some are four legged and some are BIG trouble.
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN 1 85213 849 1
Araminta Twigg has heard of witches with black cats and broomsticks before but never one with a lollipop stick. Araminta is a tiresome, good little girl with no friends and only she realises that the new lollipop lady is a redundant witch trying out a career change. No-one believes Araminta. But the witch sets out to make Araminta more popular and likeable so that Araminta ends up with a friend.
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN 0 140 38124 4
Hamsters can't chew through metal bars…or can they?
Luke and Anna-Louise take the class hamster home for the holiday. Now it is missing and they are in big trouble. If only they had a little more time to find the hamster…but they don't reckon on the help of the terrible twins.
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN O 141 30583 5
"The hamster will be poisoned!"
The school Harvest Thanksgiving has turned into a nightmare. The hamster has been kidnapped and he's in danger of being killed. Will Luke and Anna-Louise be able to rescue the hamster in time?
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN 0 14 131011 1
The hamster has been stolen!
As usual, it's Anna-Louise's fault. How can Luke rescue the hamster without getting into trouble with the police and the school inspectors? And - what could be worse - the terrible twins are helping him!
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN 0 670 89360 9
Teachers, friends, quarrels - and hamsters!
Three school stories by Elizabeth Hawkins, Betsy Duffey and Gillian Cross.
6 to 9 year old readers.

ISBN 1 86039 065 X
Jimmy, Sidney and the other children are on their way to Canada, evacuees from the bombed cities of Britain in 1940. Life on board a luxury liner should have been an exciting adventure. But now they are six boys thrown together in a lifeboat adrift in the Atlantic - will they survive?
Based on a true story.
Winner of the Lancashire Children's Book Award.
For older children.

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