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Books by Ruth Elwin Harris

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
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Sisters of the Quantock Hills - four novels about the lives and loves of the orphaned Purcell sisters and the neighbouring Mackenzie family, during the first half of the last century. Readership - 12+ (good readers 10+) In suggested order of reading:

The Silent Shore
7 year old Sarah Purcell, youngest of the four sisters, leads an apparently idyllic life in rural Somerset, unaware that the Great War is about to change her world for ever.

The Beckoning Hills
Frances, the eldest Purcell, is determined to overcome all obstacles to her career as a painter, including Gabriel Mackenzie, eldest son of her guardian, who is determined to marry her. Marriage and art don't mix, she tells him.

The Dividing Sea
Julia, the family peacemaker, lives in the shadow of her dominant older sister, and only escapes when she takes up nursing at the outbreak of the Great War. In France she continues her affair with Geoffrey Mackenzie, Gabriel's younger brother. but in war tragedy is always present.

Beyond the Orchid House
Gwen, the sister who refuses to leave the safe haven of the family home receives a surprising - and unwelcome - gift of a collection of orchids. It is her developing obsession with these flowers that eventually leads her to make a remarkable journey to Nazi Germany

Adult non-fiction
Billie: the Nevill Letters 1914-1916
published in softback by the Naval & Military Press Ltd

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