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Books by Pippa Goodhart  
These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews.
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1994 Heinemann and 1995 Mammoth.
Runner-up for the Kathleen Fidler Award and shortlisted for the Smarties Prize.
Oliver is in trouble at school (he's dyslexic) and at home. He secretly gets a puppy to be a friend who won't be critical, but the puppy, Flow, is an odd one out and has problems too. Both boy and dog have to work to convince Oliver's parents that Flow should stay and they face in unexpected test in the fog up on the fells when it is up to them to rescue Oliver's friend, Craig.

Ginny's Egg
1995 Heinemann and 1996 Mammoth. Shortlisted for the Young Telegraph Book of the Year.
Ginny finds one odd egg amongst the ones she collects from Gran's chickens. As Mum goes into hospital to have her baby brother, Ginny hatches out her egg and tries to care for the baby dragon that emerges. But baby dragons are demanding. They grow fast, they learn to fly and breath fire and Ginny knows she must reunite Egg with his real dragon mother.

The Lie Spider
1997 Mammoth.
One lie leads to another, and in this story leads to adventure too. Izzy tells her brother that she has a brilliant present for Mum's birthday, and now she must make that come true as she follows up a promise of gem stones. An exciting story, but also one that looks at sibling relationships.

1997 Hodder Storybook.
Set at new year's eve at the millennium, this is a gentle story about Alice and her grandfather as they ring in the new year up the church tower and consider time, what has gone before and what lies ahead, as they await the birth of Alice's baby sister.

Flying Lessons
1998 Hodder Storybook. Duncan is stuck in the 'fledgling' flying class while all his friends have moved on to the 'sparrows' and 'hawks'. How is he going to cope with sports day? He decides to work on his flying on his own, out at the marsh where there will be nobody to laugh at him. He gets unexpected flying lessons from a pair of swans, but knowing how to fly like a swan doesn't necessarily equip you to negotiate a flying obstacle course at sports day!

Alona's Story
1999 Mammoth.
When I was about nine or ten I loved to plot how I would survive if I suddenly found myself having to cope on my own. Alona, in this story, is having to do that. She and her family have fled their war-tom home and land in a new country where the language and place are strange. Alona loses her family at the port and has to look after herself, making shelters and finding food, as she works her way towards finding them again.

Time Swing
1999 Mammoth Read.
David and his bossy friend Charlie find a rope swing that is also a time swing. A strange black cat appears and it isn't long before Charlie has been shrunk by a wizard and taken into the past and David and the cat must swing back and then forward in time to save him as the clock ticks towards midnight. A story of loyalty and courage and power games.

All That Glitters
1999 Hodder.
What do you do if you are the richest person in the world and kept imprisoned for your own safety? What if you are only a child and cannot escape your money by giving it away or destroying it? You discover the secret of alchemy that could make all your gold worthless and free you! That's what Locket does in an adventure that throws her together with two unlikely friends; Jason, as desperate to become rich as Locket is to escape wealth, and simple Mimsy who knows the real value of things.

Sister Ella
2000 Oxford University Press Treetop.
It is the Eighteenth Century and Scilla Overton tells in her journal how her mother marries the local miller and she and her sister acquire a beautiful but unhappy stepsister called Elia. The Cinderella story told, for once, from the point of view of one of 'the ugly sisters', as Ella calls them.

The House with No Name
2000 Barrington Stoke.
There is something very strange about the new house that Jamie and his family are moving into, and something even stranger about the boy who appears and makes friends with Jamie. A ghost story, but one that moves rather than frightens!

Early Readers:
Pest Friends
1997 Mammoth Storybook.
Maxine and Minnie are very different - Maxine is big and bold while Minnie is quiet and shy - but they become best friends. Simple stories of 5-8 year old friendship - staying at another's house overnight, losing a tooth, performing in a school assembly. Each chapter includes an idea for making things. Maxine is in a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop her doing much and is only mentioned once or twice when relevant through the book.

Hamper's Great Escape
1997 Oxford University Press Treetop.
Hamper the hamster escapes in Gran's house and Sam and Clare must find him before Gran finds out. But is it really Gran who is scared of mousy things, or brave Grandad?

Snooty Prune
1998 Oxford University Press Treetop.
Prunella is so tall that she has to look down on the other children and so they think that she is snooty. Prunella just wants a friend, so she finds a pen pal and exchanges letters. But Prunella feels that her own life is dull and so she makes up a character and life for herself in her letters. What she doesn't know is that her pen pal is doing the same ... !

Me and My Newt
1999 Oxford University Press Treetop.
Carl is small and gets laughed at by a boy at school, so his mum decides to buy some special beans to build him up. The trouble is that the beans taste yuk, so Carl pops them into the bowl where he's keeping a newt for a week, and the newt begins to grow - resulting in a funny revenge and then new feelings about the bully.

Happy Sad
1999 Mammoth Blue Banana.
Beautifully illustrated by Stephen Lambert, this is the simple story of how Toby found a mermaid washed up by the tide, how he tried to make her feel happy in his home but how, in the end, she had to go back to her own home in the sea. Feelings are not always black or white and this shows how we can feel happy and sad at the same time.

1999 Mammoth Yellow Banana.
Ralph loves his vegetarian cat as much as Bethan loves her cat who is a great hunter and Mrs Marsden loves her ordinary tinned cat food cat, but are their cats really so very different?

Lunch Time, Hiding Bath and Nelly Paints a Monster
1999 Oxford Reading Web.
Very simple early readers, part of OUP's new reading scheme.

Frankie's House Tree
2000 Mammoth Storybook.
Four chapters set in each of the four seasons. Frankie wants a tree house, but they haven't got the right kind of tree for that, so he and Grump make a house tree instead and lean how twisting things slightly can help you sometimes solve a problem.

Toddler Books:
Play Time, Shopping, Bed Time, Morning Time
1998 Franklin Watts Early Worms.
Brightly illustrated by Brita Granstrom.

Picture Books:
Row your Boat
1997 Heinemann, 1998 Mammoth.
The old 'row, row, row your boat' rhyme extended into an exciting story in which we have to flee a hungry lion. A story written in rhyme that includes the child audience in its action and can be acted out. A simple story, wonderfully illustrated by Stephen Lambert, but one that raises all sorts of questions for discussion with young children. Much used in infants schools and play schools in its big book version.

Noah Makes a Boat
1997 Heinemann, 1998 Mammoth, 1999 Mammoth Big Book.
This takes the old Noah's Ark story but gives it a twist which, 1 hope, makes it particularly appeal to small boys who are more interested in how things work than in stories. What if Noah had never made a boat before? Noah and his grandson work out how to make a boat - what shape it should be, what it should be made out of, how big it should be. With bright lively illustrations by Bemard Lodge.

Jack's Mouse
1999 Mammoth.
A lyrical look at the growing year, culminating at harvest, written because I wanted to make Stephen Lambert use his wonderful way with colour to show how things change through the seasons. Young Jack sees a mouse and wants one. He grows the corn that brings a harvest mouse, but learns that a wild mouse must be left in the wild. He can watch for her again next year, and meanwhile make a bread mouse for the harvest loaf. Perhaps a useful book for schools harvest assemblies?

Arthur's Tractor (ISBN 0747550468)- a picture book illustrated by Colin Pain, Bloomsbury
You Choose! - a picture book illustrated by Nick Sharratt, Transworld
Pieter And The Waterwolf, a Corgi Pup. An easy-to-read retelling of the story of the little Dutch boy who held back a flood by putting his finger into a hole in the dyke.
Kind Of Twins (ISBN 0749745266), another book about Maxine and Minnie (from 'Pest Friends'), a Mammoth Storybook

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