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Books by Susan Davis

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews

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The Henry Game (Random House Corgi)
ISBN 055254793X ages 12+

When Marina, Abbie and Lauren summon up the spirit of Henry VIII, they are all in danger of losing their heads!

Delilah and the Dark Stuff (Random House Corgi)
ISBN: 0552547948 ages 12+

The new girl at school, Delilah uses her witchcraft to spice up Abbie's love life, also to cure Lauren's eczema. Despite her horrible step-father, 'The Loathesome Verne', Delilah's doing her best not to resort to 'the Dark Stuff'. However, a sinister figure is watching, and he is determined to persecute the girls as witches from across the centuries.

Mad Bad and Totally Dangerous (Random House Corgi)
ISBN: 0552551910 ages 12+

Lauren and Abbie have got holiday jobs working at the local poetry festival. They have to work alongside Ruby - beautiful, brash and utterly set on getting famous (and consequently getting on their nerves). When the devilishly handsome poet, Ron Lord, turns up Ruby is besotted. Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous but he's also got connections and promises to help her with her showbiz 'career'. With their experience of spooks Abbie and Lauren soon realise the delicious Ron isn't all he seems, and Ruby could be in grave danger. But Ruby is aiming for love and stardom. She accepts an invitation to stay at Ron's estate and the girls have little choice but to go with her. Caught in Ron's ghostly world what will happen to the girls when the sun goes down-? Posing poets, fit photographers and a ghostly ex-girlfriend - this is hilarious chick-lit with a spooky twist.

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