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Books by Ronda Armitage

These book descriptions have been provided by the author for your guidance and are not Word Pool reviews. 
For more information and ordering details for each book, follow the title hyperlink  to the appropriate page at 

The lighthouse keeper gets his lunch every day by a basket on a wire that runs from the little white house on the cliff to the lighthouse. But one day disaster strikes, no lunch and a very hungary lighthouse keeper.

The other lighthouse books tell of varous adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Grinling and their marmalade cat, Hamish

The Lighthouse Keeper's Tea
The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas

The Lighthouse Keeper's Favourite Stories
The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe
The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue
The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic
The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat
The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast

Queen of the Night
Explores the familiar and unfamiliar on a nighttime journey

 Family Violence  
Non-fiction. Understanding the process of violence that occurs between a range of family members

Violence in Society
Non-fiction: 21st Century Debates:

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