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This section is designed to let you compare different authors and how they work. We created it several years ago and no longer add new authors, but we have left it online for research purposes. Please be aware that some of the information may be out of date.

Authors marked with an asterisk * were willing to visit schools at the time they completed our questionnaire. You can find a larger, up-to-date selection of authors willing to do school visits at

*Nicholas Allan    Nicholas Allan's website

*Catherine and Laurence Anholt

The Anholts' website
*Roy Apps     Roy Apps' website
*Neil Arksey Neil Arksey's website
*Ronda Armitage Books by Ronda Armitage
*Elizabeth Arnold Elizabeth Arnold's website   
*Gwynneth Ashby Ashby Books website
*Sherry Ashworth    Sherry Ashworth's website
*Stephanie Baudet Stephanie Baudet's website
*Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman's website
*Jon Blake Jon Blake's website
*Denis Bond Books by Denis Bond
*Tim Bowler Tim Bowler's website
*Ann Bryant    Ann Bryant's website
*Christine Butterworth  Books by Christine Butterworth  
*James Carter     
*Pauline Chandler    Pauline Chandler's website
*Lynne Chapman    Lynne Chapman's website
*Jane Clarke   Jane Clarke's website
*David Clayton   David Clayton's website
*Michael Coleman   Michael Coleman's website
*Andrew Collett Andrew Collett's website
*Peter Corey   Peter Corey's website
*Michael Cox Michael Cox's website
*Gillian Cross  Gillian Cross' website
*Susan Davis Books by Susan Davis
*Penny Dolan    Penny Dolan's website
  Julia Donaldson    Julia Donaldson's website
  Andrew Donkin Andrew Donkin's website
*Heather Dyer Heather Dyer's website
*Adele Geras          Books by Adele Geras
*Griselda Gifford Griselda Gifford's web site
*Pippa Goodhart Pippa Goodhart's website
*Gwen Grant    Gwen Grant's website
*Sylvia Green Books by Sylvia Green
*Ruth Elwin Harris Books by Ruth Elwin Harris
*Damian Harvey    Damian Harvey's website
*Elizabeth Hawkins.  Books by Elizabeth Hawkins
*Sally Hewitt Books by Sally Hewitt
*Mary Hoffman    Mary Hoffman's website
*Dianne Hofmeyr Dianne Hofmeyr's website
*Mary Hooper    Mary Hooper's website
*Lesley Howarth Books by Lesley Howarth
*Julia Jarman Julia Jarman's website
*Penny Kendal Books by Penny Kendal
*Diana Kimpton Diana Kimpton's website
  Tessa Krailing Books by Tessa Krailing
  Sheila Lavelle    Books by Sheila Lavelle  
*Alison Leonard Alison Leonard's website
*Elizabeth Lindsay    Elizabeth Lindsay's website
  Andrew Melrose Books by Andrew Melrose
*Nicola Morgan Nicola Morgan's website
*Jackie Morris    Jackie Morris' website
*Moira Munro Moira Munro's website
*Bobbie Neate Bobbie Neate's Publishing website
*Linda Newbery Books by Linda Newbery
  Marjorie Newman Books by Marjorie Newman
*June Oldham June Oldham's website
*Helena Pielichaty Helena Pielichaty's website
*Ann Pilling Books by Ann Pilling
*Caroline Pitcher Caroline Pitcher's Website
*Kjartan Poskitt Books by Kjartan Poskitt
*Stephen Potts Books by Stephen Potts
*Joan Poulson Books by Joan Poulson
  Shoo Rayner Shoo Rayner's website
*Enid Richemont Enid Richemont's website
  Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts' website
*Rosie Rushton    Rosie Rushton's website
*Ragnhild Scamell Ragnhild Scamell's website
*Andrea Shavick Andrea Shavick's website
*Emily Smith Books by Emily Smith
*Eugenie Summerfield Books by Eugenie Summerfield
*Ruth Symes   Ruth Symes' website
*Shaun Traynor Books by Shaun Traynor
  Ann Turnbull Ann Turnbull's website
*Jean Ure   Jean Ure's website
*Judy Waite Judy Waite's website
*Lee Weatherly  Books by Lee Weatherly
*Valerie Wilding Valerie Wilding's website
*Sean Wright Sean Wright's website
*Chris Wormell Books by Chris Wormell

If you can't find the author you want here, try our easily searchable database at

If you're organising an author event or school visit, you'll find these hints and tips helpful.



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